Our History

In 1989 Wanda decided to found her first Boutique in the evocative center of Vallo della Lucania.

Since the beginning it has been characterized by the careful selection of high fashion clothing and accessories, becoming a reference point for women of all ages who want to stand out.

From elegant and formal proposals to casual outfits to meet the needs of customers who want to dress with taste and refinement in every occasion: in work, in important moments and also in those of relaxation.

In 1996 Wanda consolidates its partnership with the Max Mara Group and decides to expand its store, dedicating a part to the "Pennyblack" brand. The attention to detail and the excellent quality-price ratio are the distinctive traits, ideal for the cosmopolitan woman, a spokesperson for a style that is easy to wear and at the same time refined and well-groomed. Strong of the successes obtained and looking for new challenges, Wanda inaugurates its 2nd store. Once again decides to invest in the magnificent center of Vallo della Lucania.

The wide range of brands and products suggests that you turn to a new and increasingly demanding clientele that seeks discounts all year round. So in 2014 the 3rd store was created in the form of Outlet. To date, Wanda, with its 3 stores has managed to keep intact the company values, perfectly embodied by the sales staff that focuses exclusively on Customers who can deal with a real team of specialized and competent consultants.

Over the years, this approach has allowed customers to become loyal and to find new and more stimulating solutions to satisfy them. In fact, the evolution of customers and the use of digital channels to compare prices and orientate themselves to purchase determined, in May 2018, the launch of ecommerce: www.boutiquewanda.com.

In this way, it will be possible to respond to customer needs even from a distance, but above all, it will allow all of you to follow, wherever you are, all our proposals and to interact with us at any time.

To be continued ..